The future depends on
what you do today.

- Mahatma Ghandi​

About Us

Hyde Park Counseling Professionals is a professional counseling office located in Cincinnati Ohio. Our therapist provide online and telephone therapy. We have served the Greater Cincinnati Community since 2009, We also provide mental health assessment services. We strive to improve our client’s emotional, and behavioral functioning to improve the life, career, and relationships of our clients.

Misconceptions about therapy or counseling keep too many people from living a better life. Too often therapy is considered a sign of weakness and a source of shame.  Instead, it is a process that helps people explore, express, manage life’s challenges, and a source of self-awareness and strength.

We believe in helping those that are ready to confront life’s challenges, finding hope and healing, and walking in wholeness for a better life. Everyone is unique and at a unique place mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually

At Hyde Park Counseling we tailor therapy to each individual, meeting them where they are in a safe, non-judgmental and encouraging environment; and help them discover where they want to be and how to get there.